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Our broad portfolio includes more than 50 brands. The iconic Licor Beirão shines as the main star of our portfolio, but it is accompanied by other notable brands. Distinctive spirits, such as Aperitivo Per Se, Amarguinha, The FoxTale Gin and Aldeia Velha, illustrate our dedication to quality and the creation of unique products. We adapt to different contexts, from traditional cafés to Michelin-starred restaurants, demonstrating our capacity for scope and excellence.

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Our Mission

At Casa Redondo, our mission is to bring the excellence of national and international brands to the whole world. We are committed to exceeding expectations and building lasting relationships, providing unique, high-quality experiences for our clients.

“"We will be the voice of this movement of growing demand for national products. Portugal is trendy and we can help make its excellent products go further." ”
Daniel Redondo - CEO CASA REDONDO

Casa Redondo is a family business with almost 100 years of history, whose name has become synonymous with dedication and excellence. With a legacy that inspires innovation and progress, we have established our presence in more than 70 countries, taking Portuguese quality across borders.

Our Numbers


Casa Redondo is proud of its almost 100-year history, whose family name has become synonymous with dedication. This legacy is the foundation that inspires us to innovate and progress. Since 2012, we have established ourselves as a leading independent distributor in the Portuguese market, supported by a highly qualified sales and marketing team.


Our portfolio includes more than 50 renowned brands, with Licor Beirão being the star of our catalog. We also offer a wide range of products, including Aperitivo Per Se, Amarguinha, The FoxTale Gin and Aldeia Velha, to ensure that each product reaches consumers with the utmost quality and authenticity, whether in traditional cafés or Michelin-starred restaurants.


With over 120 employees, Casa Redondo thrives on teamwork and expertise. Our employees are essential to our ongoing success. We embrace each goal with passion and precision, always ready to innovate and challenge the conventional.


Our diverse portfolio includes 50 distinctive brands, each representing the rich flavors and artisan craftsmanship of Portugal. From historical spirits to contemporary innovations, our brands are at the heart of our mission to share Portugal’s finest with the world.

From our heritage to conquering the world, these numbers tell a story of growth, innovation, and dedication. More than measures of growth, these statistics are milestones of our journey as we continue to introduce the world to the finest of spirits.

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